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Get 10% off your first order with the code: WELCOME10
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Our Skewers

Our skewers are Australian made from food grade stainless steel and hardwood handles that are built to last. You can be sure your hands won't burn when barbecuing your delicious meat.
Typical aluminium skewers can expose you to health risks[1] and it's recommended to opt to cook with stainless steel instead[2]. Our food grade stainless steel skewers are a healthier option over aluminium skewers and are made to last a life time. The stainless steel also ensures your meat is cooked inside as the heat distributes through the steel, unlike bamboo skewers which can cook meat unevenly and leave you with unpleasant burnt wood pieces in your food and mouth.
Check out our range of skewers! If you can't find the right one for you, contact us and we can custom design one at your request.


Our Range

Square Skewers







Fitted with comfortable rounded handles.

Great for all types of shish kebabs.







   Comes in a variety of handle sizes and colours, as well as steel length and thickness. Skewers with bearings are also available.








Flat Skewers

Best for adana or kafta kebabs








Round Skewers